LEKEN I GRISHUSET (The Pighouse Game) Prisma, 1980
Seventeen and pregnant, will she have an abortion? get married? commit suicide? give the child up for adoption, stay in Sweden, supported by her father? or try to make it in New York, alone,? This autobiographical novel was chosen as one of the Best Books published in Sweden in 1980

(The Ox)

Prisma, 1981
This true story, developed by the author, was made ntoa movie by Sven Nykvist. and nominated in 1992 for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

For Swedens TV1 I made seven programs for children based on my book GRISEN SOM VILLE BE REN. For the programs, I made about 200 illustrations, the narration, and eighteen songs. I have performed my (American) songs (and poems) for children. Cricket Magazine Group has published many of them.